Vintage Mid Century McIntosh Teak Coffee Table Neon Green Top FOR MACMILLAN!!


So there's a bit of a story behind this coffee table...When we started our business all those years ago a good friend gifted us some items from her parents house and this coffee table was one of them. Sadly the top was damaged beyond repair and it has been languishing in a dark corner ever since. However, we have now brought it back to life by fully restoring the frame and painting the top in neon apple green which contrasts beautifully.

We chose green for a reason. Green is the colour of Macmillan Cancer Support, a charity very close to our friends heart, and all the proceeds from the sale of this table will be donated to that very special cause. So everyone wins here. You get a flippin awesome coffee table (WITH FREE UK DELIVERY), and Macmillan get some cash to carry on doing their amazing work!


H 40cm L 122cm W 41cm

NB: All measurements are approximate

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